Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dude arrives

Mitch went to Webbers Falls to look at an old bicycle salvage and up walked this emaciated dog. So Mitch being the good husband called his wife and said "what do I do". So of course, I said, put the dog in the car and bring him home. Which was a good thing, that night it got below freezing and stayed that way for 4 days. The dog wouldn't have made it much longer. He was soooo skinny.

The next day we happened to meet a woman for the mastiff rescue and gave her our name and number. But, meanwhile, we got to know the dog. He is very sweet, very strong, and very timid. He spent the first night in the garage on a old Volkswagen seat covered with a blanket. The second night he spent half the night in the bathroom with a baby gate blocking his exit. Every night since he has slept on Sally's bed, right next to ours.

Don't worry about Sally, she sleeps on the bed with us. (Can you say spoiled?)

Brad and I missed 3 days of school thanks to the ice and sleet. So we have totally bonded with the DUDE. Yep, he has a name, it's Dude. It is a perfect match for him. He is too cool.

He is already housebroken, we think. He will be neutered on Monday.

We love him, it is up to Mitch to whether or not he stays. If it matters I votes yes, so does Brad, Sally, Frank and Jack. The cats could care less, but they aren't afraid. :)

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